Redistricting Issues Likely Emerging in 2024

As we enter the 2024 election year, more and more focus will center on ensuring fair elections – addressing voter protection, political violence, disinformation, and voter engagement strategies.  Philanthropy will no doubt play an important role.  Perhaps less widely appreciated, but no less significant, is that two other pillars that support a multiracial democracy – census and redistricting – are also at stake. Census and redistricting are closely tied to government funding in communities, fair representation, enforcement of voting and civil rights, determination of needed services and policies, and so much more. Philanthropic involvement in each has had a major impact on ensuring the voices of people of color and underrepresented populations are elevated in our democracy.

This past year proved that the last redistricting cycle is not over. In some states, district maps are being redrawn because courts said they were unfair. In other states, there is ongoing and yet-to-be-filed litigation to fix unfair district lines at the state and local levels. On top of that, groups in several states are already implementing or planning to implement approaches to improve state redistricting processes well in advance of the next redistricting cycle.

The groups doing the hard work need foundation support now to sustain the capacity they’ve built and avoid losing ground ahead of the next cycle. The attached document highlights some redistricting issues that will continue to surface or newly emerge in 2024. Fair Representation in Redistricting  can provide funding suggestions under each topic – or funders can contribute to either pooled fund so that your investments are magnified, leveraging more work. 

If you have any questions or want to join the FRR listserv, contact Elly Perkins ( When it comes to redistricting, philanthropy’s effectiveness is tied to our strength in numbers, our close coordination, and smart grantmaking.