New USC Equity Research Institute Report on Community Centered Redistricting and Racial Equity

We are excited to share a new, independent report from the University of Southern California’s Equity Research Institute, Catalyzing Community-Centered Redistricting for Racial Equity: Lessons from the Fair Representation in Redistricting Initiative.

Commissioned by Fair Representation in Redistricting and informed by surveys and interviews with FRR grantees, as well as funders, the FRR team, and key state-level informants, the report shares findings on the impact of groups’ extraordinary efforts, as well as recommendations for the work ahead. There are important insights here for both practitioners and funders.

Looking ahead to the 2031 cycle, FRR is taking seriously the report’s guidance that “if you are always ready, you don’t have to get ready.” In the coming months, we will be listening to key stakeholders and developing a shared roadmap to expand fair representation for communities of color during the 2031 redistricting cycle and through district map re-draws happening now. FRR looks forward to sharing this roadmap with funders and practitioners as they consider their own strategies for the coming years.  

FRR’s key takeaways from the report are:

Lessons from the FRR Experiment

Through “learning by doing” for the 2021-22 cycle, FRR laid a strong foundation for an emerging field of community-centered redistricting:

Implications for Work Going Forward

The formidable power of anti-democratic actors is a fundamental challenge to this work and voting rights work overall. Practitioners and philanthropy alike need to be prepared:

We encourage both funders and practitioners to review this important report, and we welcome questions and feedback about our community’s learning from the 2021-22 cycle and plans for the years ahead. Please reach out to FRR Funder Liaison Elly Perkins ( to continue the conversation.